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Technology and Innovation

Design Technology

Designing specialist vehicles requires not only knowledge and experience but today it requires the correct computing environment. ASGB uses the latest 3D software to design and draw the vehicle in a holistic way and uses the powerful tools it provides to smooth and speed up the production process.

This also allows us to produce representative renders to help customers visualise how their vehicle will look.

Stress Analysis

To ensure we engineer the strength of designs and materials correctly we use FEA (finite element analysis) tools on critical parts of the vehicle design. This allows us to test the strength and suitability of designs before production.

Materials & Methods

ASGB keeps abreast of new materials and methods as a way of enhancing its products and responding to the changing needs of the marketplace. Recognition of the changing demands of society in the form of lower energy consumption, recyclability, increased customer expectation stimulates the need to constantly innovate.

Research & Development

ASGB recognises the need to innovate in a managed way. To facilitate this we commit funding and resource to R&D programs to develop and test new ideas and products prior to incorporation into production.