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Recent delivery to Provision

Jul 20, 2017

ASGB Ltd are proud to announce the recent delivery to ProVision, the broadcast equipment rental company owned by ITV, of a 160kW generator pod mounted on a DAF LF chassis. The pod has a Cummins QSB7-G5 engine and a Mecc Alte alternator capable of delivering 160kW continuously.  ASGB worked with Provision to match a tight budget for the pod, including the manufacture and supply of a distribution locker and double rear fuel tanks.  Subsequently the vehicle returned to have an offside stowage locker fitted to match the same style as the distribution locker.  The DAF chassis was the first DAF chassis we have added this style of genset pod to, working in conjunction with another bodybuilder local to the customer to provide a bespoke rear load carrying section.

ASGB worked with Provision in designing, manufacturing and supplying distribution outlet panels with selector switched 30mA or 100mA earth leakage circuit breakers rather than providing adjustable ELCBs, for ease of set up and use.

The new addition once liveried will join the Provision fleet in Manchester and joins several other ASGB generator vehicles in the fleet, including fully coach built truck based vehicles, Quadtek bodied Land Rover and also van derived generator – as seen in the data sheets in the generator section of our website.