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Probably the largest outside broadcast trailer ever built…..

Nov 1, 2014

ASGB recently completed the new flagship outside broadcast trailer for UK based CTV Outside Broadcasts, part of the Euromedia Group.  With the expanded body providing 84m2 of usable space for equipment racks and over 40 operator positions it is probably the largest OB trailer currently in operation.  Calling on all of ASGB’s expertise gained from over 40 years of building high quality vehicles with expanding side technology this vast space was achieved from an EU compliant trailer footprint of 13.6m x 2.55m with only two expanding sides.  The level floor throughout provides high ceilings in the production areas so the Production Director and his team are provided with a spacious working environment, for a mobile facility.  Through clever design the interaction of all the moving components needed for the facility to be set up and packed away allows this to be easily achieved in less than an hour. 

 Working closely with ProjectBuilders, the client appointed interior designers from within the Euromedia Group, the best use of space is complemented by a unique design for the racks, furniture and interior finishes.  With ProjectBuilders styling expertise, the use of interesting complementary materials and ASGB’s craftsmanship the final result is dramatic.  The individual pods to house the operator equipment, a variety of textures for the walls, ceiling and floor, different colour schemes for each operator area and clever lighting design come together to create an outstanding working environment not previously available to broadcast clients.

This OB trailer is a double expanding, tri-axle semi trailer with fully integrated hydraulics for levelling and side expansions, air conditioning and electrical systems.  With space on board being at a premium the air conditioning system was designed and built by ASGB to fit the limited space available and provides a nominal 90kW of cooling distributed to the racks and rooms.  The electrical system takes the power input via the power bay to the equipment supplies, non technical outlets, air conditioning and lighting; all managed using ASGB’s touch screen controls. short domain name generator actual time now