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Quiet, dependable power systems

Acoustically enclosed power generation for the film and TV industry and other noise sensitive applications.

Power options are 10 kW to 700 kW, or more, installed within a compact acoustic enclosure specifically designed for use anywhere silent power is required.

Either trailer, static or vehicle-mounted and custom built to provide long, reliable service. In all cases ease of access is a major design consideration, sets are generally individually housed and provided with large hatches or service access doors. Smaller sets may be rail mounted for slide in/slide out accessibility.

Whatever the build, the result is rugged, durable and reliable.

Soundproofing to a level of 55 dB(A)* or better at three metres (free field) is achieved using our own specialist coachbuilding techniques in the housing construction, careful selection of top quality mountings and highly developed engine exhaust silencing systems.

With your approval the latest controls technology will be used such as Deep Sea plc, CRE Technology (Gensys) and the ComAp variants including the Intelilite range. This can include the latest developments in remote communications and monitoring facility. For example the latest controllers come with web packages to support the products such as AirGate. There is also on-line control and monitoring offered by web pages. GSM/GPRS modem connections can be offered or wireless Internet via IL-NT GPRS additional cards.

External hard wired connectivity to the controllers can be achieved in many ways such as panel mounted USB, RS232 or RS232-485 connections. Remote alarm features are also available such as SMS messages on alarm.