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Possibly a world first hits the road

Mar 30, 2021

Mark Roberts Motion Control commissioned ASGB to build this fantastic mobile solution back in 2019

See the video for more details https://www.mrmoco.com/volumetric-capture/polymotion-stage/#gallery-1

ASGB’s patented double-outside expanding trailer provides a massive 7.5m width when set up achieved by each expanding side being the full width of a standard road trailer.  Utilising a step frame chassis a vast 55m2 by 2.9m high studio has been created to the rear with three operational rooms forward of this.  With a rapid 2 hour set up time and complete with air conditioning, electrical systems, interior finishes this unit will soon be on tour fulfilling the customers brief for maximum studio space from a mobile facility.

For further information on the function of this trailer please visit https://www.mrmoco.com/volumetric-capture/polymotion-stage/