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Customised space for all your broadcast needs wherever you are in the world

They say that every second of every day, someone, somewhere in the world is watching a television programme channelled through an outside broadcast unit built by ASGB. And more than 700 different tongues – and billions of images – have been captured and retransmitted from our units.

For a small company on the Eastern seaboard of the United Kingdom, we have developed a large global footprint in the provision of OB facilities – Low maintenance, High reliability. Vital criteria to any OB unit operator and the key to our success in this highly demanding area of specialist coachbuilding. Working in partnership with some of the world’s most respected broadcast companies our specialist vehicles have been exported around the world. With over thirty five years experience of OB vehicle body construction and over 300 vehicles operating in more than 40 countries, we are firmly established among the world’s leaders in this field.

From highly compact units incorporated into multi-terrain vehicles, panel van conversions and purpose built bodies for rigid trucks, right through to multiple expanding articulated trailer units with a wide range of options and features. These include thermal and acoustic insulation, silenced power, environmental control, expanding sides and body levelling systems. Each unit is designed entirely to customer specification and built for strength, lightness and low maintenance. Thermal and acoustic insulation needs are embodied as required. Multi-supply power distribution options are incorporated from mains or phase locked integral generators and exactly tailored to meet end user requirements. Preparation for the installation of rack mounted hardware is undertaken following close liaison with you the client. Control room racking, furnishings, fixtures and fittings are designed entirely to customer specification and with comfort, durability and high utilisation in mind. Local stations, regional satellite networks and some of the best known international names in global broadcasting are using our vehicles from Middle East desert to the Arctic Circle. ASGB outside broadcast units are providing reliable, long lasting service all over the world. Here is a platform from which to start your OB design:

  • Flexible design allowing client to customise and incorporate innovation
  • Complete to a rack-ready status for client to plug in broadcasting equipment
  • Hydraulically driven expanding sides and legs renowned for their strength and reliability
  • Expansions can be two stage per side as well as front and rear
  • Quick deployment with no detachable interior items wherever possible
  • Air conditioning systems using custom built chilled water to 90kW or standard manufactured gas units up to 60kW
  • Capable of operating in all regions of the world and in the extremes of temperature from -30°C to +50°C.
  • PLC based graphical touch screen controls with remote diagnostics option
  • Self-levelling systems
  • Unlimited choice of materials for interior finishes

To view the video of ASGB working with Sony and ANO Panorama to deliver eight new outside broadcast vehicles to the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi click here.
To explore the Timeline TV’s IP 4K HDR outside broadcast truck built by ASGB that was exhibited at IBC 2017 click here.

Tender & Support Vehicles

To complement our outside broadcast vehicles you can also have tender and support vehicles built to the same standards at affordable prices. Whether it is crew quarters, storage and racking, power generation, motorised cable reels or all of the above the choice is yours. Naturally ASGB built tender vehicles will match the OB giving you the chance to maximise your corporate image.