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Mobile & Relocatable Medical Facilities

In this specialist field ASGB has pioneered the manufacture of mobile operating theatres, recovery units and wards. We are now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist transportable units, developed for a variety of applications. Moreover, as we genuinely care about the safety of our clients, the dedicated engineering and designing teams have recently come up with a brand new 7 layered composite panel – a well-thought combination of materials used in the wall configuration with specific properties and thicknesses to protect the complex technology, patients and staff inside ASGB trailers and relocatable units in case of any fire. The panel has successfully passed the BS476 Part 21:1987 test and surpassed the 30 minutes HTM 05-02 requirement, having managed to resist temperatures of up to 950°c for 60 minutes.

We can supply a wide range of sophisticated yet rugged units tailored to customers’ specific requirements, either from our wide portfolio of popular existing designs or ‘build your own’ bespoke solutions.

Most of our units are designed to be deployed in less than one hour once on site.

Our modular operating theatres can come fitted with laminar flow ultra pure air filtration systems for invasive and complex surgery, a world first for mobile medical solutions.

Whether your requirement is to be continually on the move or temporary set-ups, supporting existing hospitals or taking your service to the customer or for invasive surgery or consultation then we can build to suit your needs.

Typical applications include:

  • Providing healthcare in remote locations
  • Serving outreach communities
  • Temporary use while static facilities are unavailable
  • Cost effective and quick method of increasing healthcare capacity without planning restrictions
  • Emergency surgery for military or humanitarian purposes
  • Disaster relief or major incident support

Suitable for:

  • General Surgery
  • Ophthalmic Surgery
  • ENT
  • Gynaecology
  • Orthopaedic Day Surgery
  • Urology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Trauma/Emergency Surgery

Our experience in the design and development of mobile medical units allows us to create a full range of facilities. In addition to theatre, ward, outpatient, endoscopy and day surgery units, we can also supply units for the following:

  • Dental
  • IVF
  • Renal
  • Isolation
  • Intensive care
  • Laboratories

Features available include:

  • Chassis system for complete mobility and flexibility, or as an independent modular unit which can be transported using a low-loader system
  • Global flexibility with electrical systems, medical gas systems, lighting and equipment supplied to suit all geographies
  • “Fast track” patient flow through anaesthetic room, theatre and 2-bed first stage recovery
  • Fully-integrated clinical environment built to exceed UK standards
  • HEPA filtered ultra clean air environment with full climate control
  • Air conditioning with humidifier operating range -30°C to +50°C
  • Touch screen electrical and environmental control system, with remote monitoring option
  • In-built bulk medical gas bank, vacuum and scavenging systems
  • Theatre lights – 100,000 candela output per pod
  • Theatre control panel with X-ray viewer
  • Scrub sink with no touch automatic IR function
  • Full bed head system in recovery with gas and vacuum supply
  • Medical storage cupboards and shelving
  • Secure drug cabinet
  • Clean and dirty utilities
  • Staff changing room
  • Toilet facilities
  • Hydraulically-driven expanding sides
  • Stabilising and levelling jacks
  • Electronic water softener and filtration unit
  • Hot water storage tank
  • Water chlorination
  • UPS system for essential services emergency wall sockets
  • 125 amp 3 phase input, and water and telephone connection.
  • On-board backup generator housed within acoustic enclosure
  • Reduced power setback/night service mode

When it comes to providing high quality and specialist healthcare to remote communities or industries such as mining or oil extraction mobile units can be the answer. Where long distances are involved or if specialist units are required then healthports could be the solution.

The port or docking station can be a fixed structure to house the core services such as the reception, staff facilities, changing rooms, stores and, if necessary, beds for post operation recovery. With this set up and operational all it then takes is to bring in the specialist facilities in the form of an ASGB mobile unit. An ideal set up is to have a number of healthports established on a wide circuit which can be visited by several different speciality units on rotation. One week it can be invasive surgery before the unit moves on to the next port to be replaced with a cataract unit and others following on behind.

This means that multiple locations each with their own healthport can benefit from a single investment in specialist facilities on a regular basis.

It not just the facilities that are specialised but the highly qualified consultants and surgeons also. It is these experts that the patients need access to most yet it is the same experts who can little afford to spend time travelling. Telemedicine can revolutionise this and who better than ASGB to satisfy this demand with our considerable experience in both mobile medical facilities and outside broadcast.

Over 250,000 procedures have been carried out in ASGB built medical units. Following on from our successful medical unit range as described above, ASGB have recently decided to enter the field of mobile and relocatable MRI and CT scanner units.

ASGB’s project with Innovo Mobile Health in South Africa