• Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

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Health Ports

Low cost building at strategic locations for basics – admin, changing rooms, stores etc.

Medical units each built for a different speciality rotate on a healthport circuit

Local people benefit from specialist care on a regular basis

Faster, cheaper and more flexible than conventional solutions

Mobile Health Ports constructed using our Modular design making them ideal solutions for Medical and Dental.
These units allow the following:
•Serving outreach communities
•Additional capacity as required
•Disaster support
•Semi Permanent solution joined to existing buildings if required
• Temporary use while static facilities are unavailable
• Cost effective and quick method of increasing healthcare capacity without planning restrictions.
•Demountable or Chassis Mounted options
Due to their modular design these can really be optimised to provide the customer with a tailored solution to match their needs. These can comprise of various modules for example operating theatres, outpatient support, scanning facilities, waiting rooms, trauma and emergency, vaccination for example. We can also provide individual stand alone solutions. #medical #healthcare
Please get in touch to find out more David.Newton@asgb.co.uk