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First of its kind Mobile Operating Theatre in South Africa…

Aug 21, 2013

History was made this month with the arrival of the first mobile operating theatre in South Africa.  This ASGB designed and built unit will be operated by Innovo Mobile Healthcare in its quest to take healthcare to the people.  The first project for the mobile medical facility will be VMMC (voluntary male medical circumcision).

This expanding trailer offers 70 square metre of space providing separate rooms for anaesthetic, theatre and recovery together with support facilities such as changing and utility rooms.

The unit can be rapidly deployed upon arrival on site and with a simple power connection from the host building or generator it is ready to receive patients.  Medical gases, air conditioning water and lighting are all incorporated into the design making the unit self contained and capable of operating almost anywhere.

Bespoke mobile medical facilities to suit different clinical needs are available from ASGB and for more information we invite you to visit our products and service/medical page.


About Mobile VMMC

VMMC (voluntary male medical circumcision) has been proven to be a one-time, low cost intervention shown to reduce men’s risk of HIV infection by approximately 60 percent. The WHO recommends VMMC as part of a comprehensive package of HIV prevention services. The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) supports the implementation of VMMC programs in 14 East and Southern African countries including Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa and others and has supported more than two million voluntary surgical procedures as of September 30, 2012.

Several large-scale programs of safe, voluntary male circumcision are currently under way in sub-Saharan African countries like Swaziland, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

About 10,000 men in various regions will benefit from an innovative partnership under which Innovo’s mobile medical theatre will be equipped with the latest technology and highly qualified dedicated staff to provide Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision as part of the HIV Prevention Package in partnership with various NGO’s and health departments.

A pilot mobile VMMC project has proven the rates of safe, affordable procedures as part of a comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention package for rural and marginalized communities and it proved that mobile male circumcision services can be provided safely and feasibly where mobile services meet the same minimum standard as fixed services, has an on-the-ground presence to mobilize and organize clients in advance among other requirements and has a system for monitoring and following up patients after the mobile team has left, and particularly for identifying and managing any complications.


About Innovo

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Innovo provides flexible, sustainable, effective and professional mobile clinical solutions for healthcare service provision that make healthcare more accessible in underserviced areas. Innovo brings completely integrated mobile healthcare infrastructure that is a first in South Africa and thus pioneers a new way of providing healthcare through their spacious mobile medical centers, mobile day surgery clinics and mobile operating theatres. Innovo medical centers provide up to 200 square meters of mobile medical space ready for your first patient within 2 hours of arriving at your site.