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Defence, Command and Control

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Rapid response command and control vehicles and modular units to suit a variety of applications.

Robust, long lasting and versatile, purpose-built specialist vehicles, trailers, shelters and containers custom designed to fulfil a wide range of functions.

Purpose-built for lasting reliability, incorporating customer equipment as required and offering a range of user options according to application and operating environment. Air conditioning, thermal and acoustic insulation, integral power systems, bonding and shielding for radio interference protection, integrated control and communications, hospitality and accommodation for full or limited autonomy. Whether self propelled, truck mounted, trailered or static, the emphasis is on ease of transportation and versatility, particularly where operations may be difficult or remote.

ASGB designed and built specialist containers and mobile units are fulfilling a diverse and growing range of customer functions all over the world. These include mobile maintenance and training facilities, pollution control and monitoring, communications, broadcasting, medical and many more.