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Creating Space………transforming modules to generate space

Nov 27, 2014

ASGB are pleased to announce the recent completion of four pods for Gearhouse Broadcast Limited (www.gearhousebroadcast.com) for use on their contract with SKY TV to provide broadcast services for SKY’s F1 channel.

These broadcast pods will accompany the F1 spectacle at all the races around the world, transported from circuit to circuit by air.  To allow air transport the pods had to be built onto a standard cargo pallet of fixed dimensions 3.1m x 2.4m.  The challenge was this is simply not big enough to provide sufficient equipment and work space to satisfy the broadcast needs.

Calling on ASGB’s forty years experience of expanding units we were able to more than double the usable floor area of the standard footprint by expanding three of the four sides.  The contract included the supply of two triple expanding pods, a single expanding pod and one standard pod without expansion.

Each pod included equipment racks, work stations with desks, air conditioning, power systems, lighting and interior finishes.