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A Smith Gt Bentley Ltd

Specialist Coachbuilder & Mobile Solution Provider Telephone: +44 (0)1206 250380 Email: info@asgb.co.uk Centre Park, Clacton Road, Frating, Colchester, CO7 7DL. United Kingdom


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If you require any type of specialist vehicle, modular transportable unit or have a specialist engineering need then let our team of experienced engineers and highly skilled craftsmen take your concept through from the design phase and bring your ideas to life.

With over 1000 years of company service amongst our current employees we have developed unrivalled levels of quality and attention to fine detail.

Within our 5200m2 factory you will find a concentration of design, engineering skills and commitment to excellence. We have production space (16+ production bays) and an established supply chain to manufacture large one off, multiple or single projects at any one time.

Typically, each project is approached with 7 production phases which are planned in detail to ensure your product is delivered on time every time. Detailed product design, fabrication, assembly and main construction, electrical and mechanical installation, painting, internal finishing, testing and pre delivery inspection.

Every project has a dedicated team blending years of ASGB training and a proven supply chain to manufacture your finished product to your delivery point and far beyond. Each of our trades will work very closely with you and alongside each other to complete the build in harmony and to your satisfaction.

Available to you are the following skills:

  • Design and development using state-of-the-art three-dimensional CAD software and analysis.
  • Coachbuilding crafts in steel, aluminium and composites including welding, adhesives mechanical fastening, metal-working and machining.
  • Air conditioning (chilled water or direct expansion systems). Engineers are trained and experienced in refrigerant gas handling and brazing.
  • Carpentry and fine furniture making utilising traditional hardwoods, plastics, composite finishes and carbon fibre.
  • Electrical systems constructed and installed to internationally recognised standards.
  • Paint spraying provides the final touch of product quality.

Craftsmanship is at the centre of our workforce. Our in house training, apprenticeship scheme and links to local universities and craft training establishments ensure our skill base is always there to support our customers.

20% of our workforce are actively engaged on a training programme at any time with over 50% of employees having been trained through the ASGB apprenticeship scheme.

ISO 9001 and UKAS Mark

The highly skilled, experienced and committed ASGB team will be on hand to guide you through every aspect of the design and build process to craft your ideas into the finished product