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ASGB repair damaged vehicle and deliver new vehicles to PKE Lighting Ltd.

October 15th, 2020

The battle scars on the PKE 200kW vehicle pod & body have now been repaired by ASGB. A new coat of paint was given to the generator pod and the vehicle is good to go.

The two vehicles on the left of the picture are the last of four brand new Stage 3 160kW vehicles to be supplied to PKE Lighting Ltd. These vehicles have been through the furlough period with the rest of us. They were started pre lockdown and completed after.

They are all now with PKE.

Covid – 19 Secure in 2020

June 25th, 2020

ASGB has complied with the Covid 19 secure in 2020 regulations

ASGB Deliver two further Generators to PKE Lighting Ltd.

June 23rd, 2020

ASGB have delivered the first two out of four genset pods for PKE Lighting Limited based in Greater Manchester.

This model is a 160kW stage 3A & 3B emission version based on the Cummins QSB7-G5 genset. There will be a further two of these in the very smart PKE livery to follow on.

The model utilises the current stage 3A & 3B emission version of the engine. ASGB are still building

160kW & 250kW versions of the pods to fulfil other orders under the stage 3A and 3B

emissions standard.

ASGB are in prototype build with the stage 5 emissions solution. The engine and ancillaries have been

sourced to provide us with the correct solution and in turn the setup will obtain the engine manufacturers

certification as stage 5 compliant. This will provide us with the best possible solution for our customers.

New Generators for Pixipixel

October 21st, 2019

ASGB have recently delivered a further generator pod to Pixipixel Cinema Lighting division based in Tottenham.  Following the 160kW delivered in the Autumn of last year, this model is a 200kW based on a Cummins QSL9-G3 and is the first of these models within the ever growing Pixipixel fleet. 

The model utilises the current stage 3A & 3B emission version of the engine, in-fact it will be the last 200kW stage 3A & 3B pod to be supplied by ASGB as engines are changing to the new stage V emissions standard.  Work continues with Cummins to develop the stage V equivalent pod .  The new pod layout with the necessary exhaust after treatments and compliance to Cummins guidelines to achieve stage V emissions is now starting to take shape and will be tested and certified in readiness for next year.  There are a limited number of 160kW and 250kW versions of the stage 3A & 3B engines still available to use in builds through to 2020.

The Pixipixel vehicle has extras to make the operators and drivers lives easier on site, with integral battery charger, mains fed or generator fed to keep batteries topped up, plus additional LED work lights and a reversing camera with monitor. 

ASGB are happy to tailor specific coach build or electrical requirements into the standard pod builds, such as synchronising modifications, alternative sockets and breaker outputs to suit customer distribution needs. 

ASGB builds Britain’s First Mobile CSSD

May 13th, 2019

A Smith Gt Bentley is pleased to announce the delivery of Britain’s first mobile Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) for Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Ltd: under its international brand umbrella Q-bital

At an overall length of 15m and two extensive slide outs giving an opened-out width of almost 6.5m the unit is of a modular chassis-free design which gives almost ground-level access when deployed.

Working closely with Vanguard, its partner Getinge and their advisers ASGB was able to design and deliver the unit in a telescoped time frame. The requirements for the unit were very challenging and the amount of equipment included is considerable:

• Clean packing room
• Dirty instrument cleaning room
• Post sterilisation processing room
• Dirty utility area
• 2 Getinge 86 series washer disinfectors
• 2 Getinge GSS67H steam sterilizers
• HEPA-filtered environmental air
• Track and trace system
• Integrated RO system with water softener and brine tank
• Integrated and dedicated cleaning work bench
• Packing work stations
• Electronic data centre
• Staff changing area, including WC and hand wash facilities

The unit has been very positively received and is already working on its first assignment at Leeuwarden Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

Alexander Smith

January 16th, 2019

It is with much sadness that we have to announce that Alexander Smith fondly known as “Jock” and the founder of A.Smith Great Bentley Ltd passed away peacefully on the evening of the  8th January 2019.

Jock was being cared for in Ipswich and had been ill for some time but always loved visiting the factory to see what was in build and sharing his thoughts on the world at large.

He would have been 89 on the 14th March 2019 and will be very much missed by all that knew him or worked for him over the years.

Our thoughts, best wishes and condolences go to all the family.

ASGB is proud to announce its new product range of Air Freightable Broadcasting Units, Smiths Broadcasting Pods™

December 24th, 2018

These come in a number of pre-configured sizes using standardised sub-componentry to give the keenest price points and the swiftest delivery dates.

Interior finishes and racking can be customised to suit our clients’ needs.

• Fit Air Freight Pallet Base Frame (3.2m x 2.4m)

• Low weight materials to minimise transport costs

• Designed for Rapid Deployment

• Expanded sides manually operated

• Vibration/Shock resistant mounting of sensitive equipment

• Rack Ready Air-conditioning

• Pods can be combined to create ‘Media Village’

Please see our product page for details.

ASGB plans for transition year in terms of generator engine emissions.

December 5th, 2018

A.Smith Gt. Bentley Ltd have just delivered a 160kW silent generator pod fitted to an 18 ton chassis for a UK based customer.  The pod utilises a stage 3a/3b engine.  From 1st January 2019 the engines in this power range will only be available newly manufactured as stage V emissions compliant with exhaust after treatments including diesel particulate filter (DPF), catalyst (DOC) and urea injection (SCR).  Stage 3a/3b engines pre manufactured before end of December 2018 can still be sourced and fitted into existing design installations for 18 months after 1st January 2019, and have until end of 2020 to be placed on the market.  Stocks of stage 3a/3b engines are starting to deplete, to ensure a smooth 2019 build and to ensure that the power unit you require within your future ASGB generator project is available through the next year of transition, please contact Mark Lloyd on 01206 257561 or


Stage V engines are still yet to be fully approved and documented, the likely scenario is that stage V engines will not be available on the market in typical film & television generator power ratings until mid-2019 or the end of 2019.  To ensure your future build project runs smoothly and does not suffer delay please send your enquiries to the contact details above.  Additionally if you are interested in more detail on stage V and the impact on ASGB products or would like to be ahead of the competition with a greener stage V generator next year – please contact us.

ASGB Service Centre open for business

February 9th, 2018

The new ASGB Service bays are open and ready to accept your vehicle for any service requirement.

Why not give us a try and have your asset serviced by the best?

Competitive rates on application.

Please contact our switchboard on +44 1206 250380 or  or

Television Mobiles OB3 refurbished and delivered in 8 weeks

January 31st, 2018


Television Mobiles OB3 has been returned to Ireland after refurbishment of the side lockers.

The 23 year old Outside Broadcast trailer manufactured by ASGB in 1994 has had the lockers replaced, new rear stabalising legs, panelling under the swan neck, and the main chassis beams shot blasted, repainted and under sealed. The work was successfully completed around the Christmas and New Year break in time for an important mid January contract. It is now good for another 10 years…..