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  • Luxury OB Vehicle on its way to China

Luxury OB Vehicle on its way to China

This lovely rack ready Outside Broadcasting truck was commissioned by Sony China The level of finish of this vehicle and complexity is of the highest level. We would like to…

Possibly a world first hits the road

Mark Roberts Motion Control commissioned ASGB to build this fantastic mobile solution back in 2019 See the video for more details https://www.mrmoco.com/volumetric-capture/polymotion-stage/#gallery-1 ASGB’s patented double-outside expanding trailer provides a massive…

Medical Mobile Scanning Solutions

In order to allow the scanning backlogs to be shortened we can provide mobile scanning units.Please contact David.newton@asgb.co.uk for more information.See the full range of medical solutions at our website www.asgb.co.uk#healthcare #hospitals #medical #innovation