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ASGB’s domination of the Australian OB market continues

Oct 30, 2015

The latest ASGB-built outside broadcast trailer in the NEP Australia fleet takes to the highway; designated HD11 by NEP this 15m double expanding trailer takes over the mantle of their flagship vehicle.  Launched to a fanfare on 19th August at a party for guests from the broadcast industry HD11 will  service productions around Australia including major live sport and outside studio broadcasts from its base in Sydney.

Surpassing the size, technical capabilities and work environment of every other mobile production facility in Australia, HD11’s capabilities are unrivalled:
• The largest OB unit in Australia: maximum-length trailer with full-length double expanding sides, creating more than 65m2 of interior space.
• Ultra-fast physical turnaround with one-touch deployment.
• 90kW of cooling designed and built by ASGB for the extreme Australian climate.
• 34-seat capacity with generous egress and enhanced operator work spaces.

Early in 2016, HD12, the sister OB to HD11 and latest ASGB build, will join OB’s HD4 and HD11 on the road with these three OB trailers leading NEP Australia’s next generation 4K-HD fleet.

NEP Australia Project Director Milan Milenkovic says: “Thanks to the entire team at ASGB, we at NEP Australia have an OB truck which breaks the mould in terms of what can fit inside an OB truck and also what can be achieved with it. HD11 will be the broadcast super truck every operator wants to work from. We have added a range of exciting new features and a fresh colour scheme that will enhance the experience, support creativity and make what is always a pressured environment as comfortable as possible.  The entire experience of building OB trailers from the other side of the world was made very easy due to the professionalism and attention to detail Smith’s apply to all their work; an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Hot on the back of this success ASGB are pleased to announce the award of the contract to build NEP Australia’s HD13.  This will bring the number of ASGB built outside broadcast trailers working in Australia to an impressive nine in total.

NEP is Australia’s largest outside broadcast and studio facilities company, providing broadcast infrastructure for major sport and studio productions across the country and internationally. NEP Australia is wholly owned by NEP Group Inc., a world-wide brand providing technology and know-how to enable clients to produce the worlds’ biggest live and broadcast events around the globe.