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ASGB plans for transition year in terms of generator engine emissions.

Dec 5, 2018

A.Smith Gt. Bentley Ltd have just delivered a 160kW silent generator pod fitted to an 18 ton chassis for a UK based customer.  The pod utilises a stage 3a/3b engine.  From 1st January 2019 the engines in this power range will only be available newly manufactured as stage V emissions compliant with exhaust after treatments including diesel particulate filter (DPF), catalyst (DOC) and urea injection (SCR).  Stage 3a/3b engines pre manufactured before end of December 2018 can still be sourced and fitted into existing design installations for 18 months after 1st January 2019, and have until end of 2020 to be placed on the market.  Stocks of stage 3a/3b engines are starting to deplete, to ensure a smooth 2019 build and to ensure that the power unit you require within your future ASGB generator project is available through the next year of transition, please contact Mark Lloyd on 01206 257561 or mark.lloyd@asgb.co.uk.


Stage V engines are still yet to be fully approved and documented, the likely scenario is that stage V engines will not be available on the market in typical film & television generator power ratings until mid-2019 or the end of 2019.  To ensure your future build project runs smoothly and does not suffer delay please send your enquiries to the contact details above.  Additionally if you are interested in more detail on stage V and the impact on ASGB products or would like to be ahead of the competition with a greener stage V generator next year – please contact us.