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ASGB Fire Resistance Test – Major success

Oct 5, 2017

As a specialist coachbuilding and manufacturing company that strives to always improve and achieve more in order to provide engineering solutions of the highest quality to their customers, ASGB has embraced the challenge of creating a more fire-resistant panel to serve as the basis for building their future units. The topical issue of construction materials easily catching fire, arising from this year’s tragic events in London, made ASGB question the degree of security currently provided to companies using complex structures as part of their business operations. This is how the dedicated engineering and designing team came up with a brand new 7 layered composite panel – a well-thought combination of materials used in the wall configuration with specific properties and thicknesses to protect the complex technology, patients and staff inside ASGB trailers and relocatable units in case of any fire.

Last weekend (30/09 – 01/10/17) a load bearing for fire resistance test (BS476 Part 21:1987) was conducted by the well-known Exova Warringtonfire with the initial intention of testing to comply with HTM 05:02 fire safety requirement of 30 minutes. However, given the way this sample was performing and the positive results received, the Design and Development Manager of ASGB decided to take it to the next level and increase the time to 60 minutes. The panel has successfully passed the BS476 Part 21:1987 test and surpassed the 30minutes HTM 05-02 requirement.

The company is due to receive an extensive report from Exova Warringtonfire following the test. The purpose of creating and testing this sample is to execute mobiles and relocatable units with the same wall design as soon as possible as a way of offering not only a product of highest quality but also a secure working environment for their clients which a large number of coachbuilding companies are currently not offering. This achievement of the innovative ASGB team demonstrates the dedication and hard work behind each of the outstanding highly complex units they build and their willingness to push the boundaries and strive for perfection. So if your company is passionate about providing the greatest units that can both handle and protect the latest technology with variety of applications such as Medical use, Outside broadcasting and many more, do not hesitate to contact ASGB and start engineering the future together.


The wall sample after the first 30 minutes of the test


The wall sample after an hour of testing, having been exposed to temperatures of up to 950°c