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ASGB Deliver two further Generators to PKE Lighting Ltd.

Jun 23, 2020

ASGB have delivered the first two out of four genset pods for PKE Lighting Limited based in Greater Manchester.

This model is a 160kW stage 3A & 3B emission version based on the Cummins QSB7-G5 genset. There will be a further two of these in the very smart PKE livery to follow on.

The model utilises the current stage 3A & 3B emission version of the engine. ASGB are still building

160kW & 250kW versions of the pods to fulfil other orders under the stage 3A and 3B

emissions standard.

ASGB are in prototype build with the stage 5 emissions solution. The engine and ancillaries have been

sourced to provide us with the correct solution and in turn the setup will obtain the engine manufacturers

certification as stage 5 compliant. This will provide us with the best possible solution for our customers.