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ASGB complete triple expanding Outside Broadcast Truck for JSBC in China

Dec 3, 2014

ASGB has just completed a prestigious build for JSBC, a premier broadcasting company in China. 

Supplied through Sony China, the triple-axle, rear steering 13.6m semi-trailer capable of operating up to 20 cameras had double expanding sides with a third expanding section dedicated to a secondary production area. 

JSBC are a very exacting customer and had specified a very high level of internal finish.  The ergonomically formed desks provided a challenge for the ASGB skilled craftsmen especially as the desk fronts were edged with rolled stainless trim.  The desk surfaces were specified as a piano black finish and the high quality desks were set off with equally high quality wall and floor finishes.  Major attention was spent on the room lighting, with ASGB designing an LED strip ceiling with multiple switching points, combined with a Luxalon plank ceiling re-finished at ASGB, resulted in a stunning interior finish.  Wall wash LEDs and backlit customer logo added to the high quality feel of the interior. The look and operational capability of the rooms were able to be changed to accommodate specific operator requirements and when not broadcasting, this will enable the OB to act as a showpiece for JSBC to impress prospective clients. 

The exterior of the truck continued the same high quality feel with painted graphics and complex Chinese vinyl lettering capturing the eye from all angles. ASGB worked very closely with Sony China and the client to provide a very modern, fresh and high quality interior design, the focal point being a set of large glass doors to the centre of the vehicle, complete with frosted areas containing the Sony, JSBC and ASGB logos.