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A Smith Gt Bentley Ltd and John Dennis Coachbuilders announce partnership.

Aug 7, 2014

A Smith Gt Bentley Ltd and John Dennis Coachbuilders announce partnership.

Colchester, Guildford, 7th August 2014.

A Smith Gt Bentley Ltd (ASGB), a premier specialist solutions coachbuilder, and John Dennis Coachbuilders Ltd (JDC), the UK’s principal manufacturer of fire engines today announce a partnership which will enable both companies to position themselves strategically for future growth.

ASGB is predominantly a designer and manufacturer of high end, individual broadcasting vehicles. However it sees many opportunities to extend its five star reputation into other markets which would require moderate volume production without any diminution of quality.

JDC has honed these assembly skills in its 100 plus years of building fire engines and related products. It is now the market leader in the UK fire sector.

Simon Hare, Managing Director of ASGB, stated: “it is with great pleasure that we announce this link up today of two icons of British manufacturing. This move will enable ASGB to take advantage of significant market potential in a number of sectors whilst maintaining the exclusive quality for which ASGB is renowned.”

Alan McClafferty, Managing Director of JDC, commented: “we are very pleased to be linking up with such a prestigious company as ASGB. It is very gratifying to know that ASGB chose to partner with us for the outstanding quality and customer service we offer our fire customers. Both companies are set to benefit greatly from this partnership.”