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A Smith Gt Bentley Ltd

Specialist Coachbuilder & Mobile Solution Provider Telephone: +44 (0)1206 250380 Email: info@asgb.co.uk Centre Park, Clacton Road, Frating, Colchester, CO7 7DL. United Kingdom

Welcome to A Smith Gt Bentley Ltd

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Your journey starts here…

We are a specialist coachbuilding and manufacturing business that prides itself on its heritage and reputation for high quality engineered solutions for outside broadcast, medical facilities, hospitality, power generation and retail businesses and those with a need for complex engineering structures.

Our coachbuilding combines sophistication and solid engineering principles with first class finishing and attention to detail.  Working in partnership with some of the world’s most respected companies, our specialist vehicles are used throughout the world.

Choose ASGB and from first contact we will help you through all the stages necessary to make your idea a reality.  With attention to detail from the outset and using our skilled designers and craftsmen we will make sure the finished product exceeds your expectations.  We will take the journey together with a view to this alliance being for a life time.

As a world-renowned specialist coachbuilder whose business it is to turn your vision into reality we are uniquely positioned to succeed on any bespoke engineering project whatever its purpose or